Epoxy Resin, the Best Thing in Furniture Hands Down!

Dec 17, 2020 | Resin Furniture

As the generations pass, furniture has become somewhat disposable. Ordering it online has made it much less expensive, but also much less unique or special. There was a time when the things you used to decorate your home were handed down again and again, and it wasn’t just something to sit on; it reminded you of family and good times together. Our tables are meant to do that again; bring back the age of heirlooms and traditions.

What is Epoxy Resin Wood Furniture?

Our live edge tables contain a material called epoxy resin. It is a clear coated filler that turns a piece of wood into a functional table, coffee table, or whatever you can imagine. It won’t stain, or chip and it enhances the natural look of wood while piecing various shapes together. The epoxy can also be unique by adding colors, or textures to truly make your table a one-of-a-kind design.

Epoxy Can Create Various Looks and Styles

One of the best things that epoxy resin offers is the versatility to use in many different settings and to create different styles and “looks”. Our Collections are all different and unique, but they use epoxy to create some pretty spectacular creations.


Our Urbane Collection uses crystal-clear epoxy resin combined with harvested walnut that is imported from Turkey. The completed piece is glass-like smooth to the touch and the ends have a signature rounded-edge appearance. It is one of our most “luxurious” finished pieces and can be custom made for your overall dimensions, where you also get to decide how much wood to resin ratio you want.


The Primitive line uses various woods that are, likewise, imported from Turkey. We then use a specific resin-technique that combines modern materials with wood to tie it all together. The telltale straight cut edges are there to showcase the natural and beautiful thickness of the wood and we add intricate detailing that helps to enhance the overall design.

Live Edge

The life edge table is the most classic table line that we have. It is made from sustainable woods, and we then do all we can not only to preserve the natural wood character and grain, we make sure that it stands out. The clear finish on top of resin is the icing on the table that makes it feel genuine and authentically full of character.


Our Hex line was developed by making a honeycomb pattern in various ways that appear to float with resin to fill in the gaps. The tables are all unique and are handcrafted to ensure that it will quickly be a conversation piece.


The Patch collection is a more sleek and contemporary design that uses various “patches” of wood that are fit together and then they are bonded with resin. Every angle is meticulously matched to flow perfectly. It has the most “modern” look of our collections.

There was a day when furniture wasn’t mass produced and people held onto it for generations with traditional and love. As we head into the New Year, why not start a tradition of investing in furniture that you can hand down to your children’s children with memories attached that will follow wherever it goes. Contact Naturalist today to start your unique furniture design.

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