Add Beauty to Your Holiday Table by Purchasing an Epoxy One!

Nov 11, 2020 | Custom Table, Epoxy, Resin Furniture

Custom Epoxy Furniture to Spice Up Your Holiday.

The reality is that it has been a really rough 2020. And although many of us are ready to wrap it up and say goodbye with the New Year around the corner, there are still the holidays to enjoy with friends and family. Although COVID is still looming, hopefully, things are starting to ease up a little and we can get back to enjoying small, intimate get-togethers with family and friend members over Thanksgiving and Christmas. What better way to treat both yourself this holiday season and your family than to buy epoxy furniture to entertain and add some spice to your holiday table.

Living Edge

Living edge tables are designed to be the ultimate one-of-a-kind table that is unique to just you. They are live edge slabs directly from the Mediterranean that are then handcrafted to maintain their exotic and beautiful wood appeal. Living edge tables are named because they emulate the way that wood appears in nature, wild and unchanged. What better way could there be to breathe life into your holiday table than to order your own live edge designed table to gather around !


If walnut is your wood of choice, then you will go crazy over our urbane table collection. It is our flagship design and we are very proud of what we can create for your family to enjoy for holidays to come. We work with only the highest quality natural walnut wood slabs, and then the sky’s the limit. Rounded edges, epoxy spaces, and all sorts of unique designs are possible. Then, you choose what type of leg style you want, contemporary, primitive, or downright urban. Our tables are all handcrafted just the way that you want them.


If you are someone who relishes in the fine details of things, then our primitive table collection will do more than just catch your eye. The depth and texture of the primitive line are what we believe defines it best. Add some epoxy spaces to fill in the gaps, and what you are left with is one of the most beautiful natural specimens of nature right in your dining room.


One of our most outstanding designs is the hex table. It is a repeating honeycomb pattern that helps to add more texture to your living space. Whether you are looking for a dining table to share a meal or a coffee table to sit awhile and chat while building holiday memories, it is definitely an epoxy furniture piece that will be the center of the conversation.


Again, for the walnut wood lover, the patch design is ideal. It is an intricate floating piece of wood with carvings that will attract any eye. The pieces are all intricately combined to create something magical. Add some candles, a festive holiday meal, and the good times will flow along with holiday spirits, instantly.
If you are ready to say goodbye to 2020, we hear you – we are too. But why not go out with the best memory bang by purchasing a one of a kind epoxy furniture piece to either sit around and toast the New Year to come, or to gather around while celebrating the best of the season.
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