Wyndham NY Residential

Hexagon Custom Sofa, Clear Resin Walnut Dining Table, Walnut Dining Table Chairs, Custom Wall Gardens

Project Type : Residential

Location : Upstate, NY, USA

Long Branch Residential

Olive Tree Root Coffee Table with 4″ Plexi top, Resin stools, Walnut Dining Table with Base, White Resin Dresser, White Resin Bed, White Resin Night Stands

Project Type: Residential

Location: Long Branch, NJ, USA

Ritual House Restaurant

Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Hightop Bistro Bar Table, Wall Gardens

Project Type: Commercial / Restaurant

Location: Pittsburg, PA, USA

Hudson House

Reception Desk, Clear Resin Dining Tables, Dining Tables, Resin Stools, Custom Log Coffee Table, Hight Top Tables, Bar Stools , Wall Gardens

Project Type: Commercial / Residential Building Lobby

Location: Jersey City, NJ, USA

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