Back To The Office: How To Transform The Workspace Post Pandemic

Nov 11, 2021 | Interior Design Trends

The pandemic was a tough time for all of us. Though the worst is over, the reality is that life will never be quite the same again. Post-pandemic, we’re going to have to get creative about how we design our spaces and create new work environments. In this article, hear from the experts in biophilic design on how they’ve been thinking about redesigning the office space post-pandemic with live edge and resin furniture and preserved wall gardens.

Coming Back To The Office

We knew that when we came back to work, we wanted to reevaluate some things. What could be better in the office environment? What changes need to happen in order to make sure it’s a pleasant and enjoyable environment for our team? How does the office look post-pandemic or will there even be an office? These were all questions we’ve been considering and we’re sure most of you have thought about them too. 

How The Pandemic Changed Our Work Habits 

There has been an increase in unconventional work hours, remote staffing, and shorter workweeks in the aftermath of the pandemic. The unusual transformation contrasts with the needs of the traditional employer, whose facilities operate 24-7. Some of the work trends we’ve seen before the pandemic—such as ZOOM meetings and flex spaces—were only increased by the pandemic. Office work and expectations for the future of the office have changed drastically. People have gotten used to working from the comforts of their own home, enjoying the familiarity and coziness that it brings. According to some research, more than 40% of workers spent a significant time outdoors during the COVID pandemic, much more than before it. Like we’ve mentioned in our previous articles, the undeniable connection to nature that we have as human beings is something that invigorates and refreshes us. It helps us stay positive, focus better, and increase productivity. This is why it’s imperative to include the principles of biophilic design into our office spaces.  Although we’re leaving flu and viruses in the past, we should remind ourselves that environments need to be designed to prevent harming our health. They should instead boost it and our energy as well. 

Introducing Biophilic Design Into The Office

The term biophilic design is used to describe the grouping of living things in an interior space. Biophilia can be explained as an emotional response to our surroundings in which we use natural patterns, organic shapes, and living things to bring about a feeling of closeness with nature. This design style has been shown to benefit people’s health and happiness. The same principles can be applied to workspaces so that employees are more productive and engaged at their desks. For example, planting a few small trees around the workspace can promote creativity, increase productivity, and provide better air quality for workers.   This type of design is an emerging trend in the world of office planning, with many companies now saying it improves efficiency and morale. Biophilic design involves designing for humans as part of the natural world, so offices following this principle will often include natural materials such as wood and stone. Often times there are windows or other natural light sources that give people a sense of place and well-being through their connection to the outside. Here at Naturalist, we are avid believers in the powers and benefits of biophilic design. We are thrilled we get to invite nature indoors and help our clients reconnect with it, be it through our furniture or wall gardens. Following are some examples of how you can bring back the natural elements into your office space using live edge and resin furniture, as well as preserved wall gardens. 

How Live Edge And Resin Furniture Help With This

Live edge and resin furniture make the most of the natural world by using salvaged wood and natural materials. This type of furniture is durable, healthy for those who live or work in the space, and has a timeless look like antique furniture. It also doesn’t require as much maintenance as traditional wood such as varnishing. Since biophilic design principles state that we should enjoy the sights and textures of nature in our home and work environments, wood furniture is one way to make that happen. The soft brown tones and rugged, naturalistic textures, and appearance of live edge and epoxy resin furniture will transport us back to nature after one glance. 

How Preserved Wall Gardens Are Beneficial For This

The relaxing and refreshing greens of lush wall gardens are a sight for sore eyes and just what the biophilic design principles order. Placing a garden in the office has been proven to improve mood and mental focus for employees. Bonus points for elevating the style and interior design of the place. Wall gardens also produce cleaner air and reduce noise pollution. Research has shown that having plants inside the office is very desirable, in fact, after natural light, it’s one of the most wanted and appreciated office elements.  Unlike regular house plants or office plants, preserved wall gardens have the added benefit of being maintenance-free. They do not require direct sunlight, soil, or an irrigation system and you won’t have to worry about insect infestation. All you have to do with a Naturalist preserved wall garden is to enjoy it! 

Live Edge Furniture For The Office

A live edge desk is a type of furniture that has an irregular, natural edge to it. It can be used as a desktop or as a table depending on the configuration. Live edge furniture adds a sense of intrigue and craftsmanship to the office environment – it creates a unique look and is great for any modern, rustic interior design aesthetic. They also create a very organic feel that many people find soothing. The natural beauty of live edge wood draws people to these pieces. It has a more customized look and feel, while also being more environmentally friendly since each piece is made from a single tree. Live edge furniture can be found in many different shapes and sizes.  With no two pieces of live edge furniture ever being the same, your office will never look bland and boring. It’s the perfect way to put a new spin on the traditional workspace design. Live edge desks are often paired with items such as cozy leather armchairs and steel office chairs with leather upholstery. 

Epoxy Resin Furniture For The Office

You can transform your workspace and make it more comfortable and attractive with the right furniture. Epoxy resin furniture is sturdy and can withstand heavy-duty use. This type of furniture offers a one-of-a-kind look and charm that can refresh the design of any office.  Epoxy resin office desks offer a variety of styles that can suit your preferences.  It is a more expensive material compared to other office furniture, but the quality of the resin furniture is reliable and durable. Epoxy resin office desks can be custom-made to fit your current space and budget. An important feature of these desks is that they are also made with antimicrobial features, so they won’t harbor bacteria like ordinary desks would do.  In the world of office furniture, one of the most common materials is wood. However, these pieces are impractical and difficult to disinfect. You should instead opt to use epoxy resin furniture for your establishment. This material is much easier to clean and sanitize. 

Biophilic Office Furniture Ideas and Inspiration 

Eco-friendly and nature-inspired furniture has become essential in the workplace. The aesthetic and wellness benefits of biophilic office designs are immeasurable. Office furniture is often seen as unimportant but can have a tremendous impact on your business. Marvelous office furniture is as much a focal point as the person sitting at the desk. Decorative pieces such as a live edge table can turn a drab room into an inviting and inspiring work area. When design goes green, it is important to consider the benefits of natural materials, recycled construction, and other environmentally friendly elements. Following are some of our favorite pieces that can help inspire you into transforming your office space according to the principles of biophilic design. 

Live Edge Office Desk

This live edge office desk is a contemporary, modern and stylish desk. An exemplary product of its kind, it offers a live edge design that allows you to see the natural beauty of the grain and knots of the wood. The desk itself has a live edge that is made from one solid piece of gorgeous, light-colored wood. It makes for an elegant addition to any room. And it would look complete with one of the gorgeous chairs from our collections.  Live Edge Office Desk

Epoxy Resin Office Desk

Another beautiful way to introduce nature into your office is this magnificent epoxy resin office desk. The natural design of this desk makes it a great alternative to the usual office furniture. Made from epoxy resin, this beautiful furniture can be used with any type of design. The incredible mix of wood and see-through epoxy gives this desk a unique charm. Paired with a stunning leather armchair, it can give your office an elegant and timeless vibe.  Epoxy Resin Office Desk

Preserved Wall Garden Ideas For The Office

The great thing about a vertical, preserved wall garden is that it can be custom-built for the space and each plant aesthetically coordinates with the décor of the office. Here you can take a look at some of our favorite office wall garden projects. We were truly happy to be able to let nature indoors and revitalize these workspaces, letting them reap the benefits of biophilic design. 

Lush And Leafy Office Wall Garden

A lush, leafy wall garden is a brilliant way to add an extra layer of greenery and biodiversity to your workplace. This pop-up oasis will have your co-workers feeling recharged after just a few days. There are many benefits of having a wall garden in the office, including improved air quality, lower stress levels due to natural aromatherapy, and an attractive workspace that will keep employees coming into the office. This particular wall garden was commissioned for office space in Washington DC. We used Flat Moss, Hedera Leaves, Diosmi, and Pittosporum to bring this space to life and give it the green energy it deserves!  Office Wall Garden

Custom Green Sign/Wall Garden For An Office Space

A custom green wall or sign is a great way to transform an office space post-pandemic. These green walls will not only bring the outdoors inside, but they’ll also help combat mental fatigue and exhaustion in between daily tasks. We created this beautiful green sign for Continental Industries and we used Reindeer Moss, Bun Moss, Parchment Fern, and Hedera to form a beautiful backdrop for their company logo. This stunning preserved green sign now graces their walls and helps them relax and recharge every time they look at it.  Office Green Sign

Conclusion: Invite Nature Into Your Office

Humans need nature to maintain a healthy balance, and the office is no exception. Office workers are constantly being bombarded with artificial scents, sounds, light, temperature, and temperature. The lack of natural stimuli can have devastating effects on the human psyche. It is crucial to transform our workspace post-pandemic to integrate with nature.  Designing a space that thrives on greenery and natural light will help keep us grounded and maintain a sense of peace in this tumultuous world.   Bringing nature into your office can be as simple as adding a live edge desk or end table, or installing a wall garden. Naturalist Interiors team of designers, horticulturists, and installers is ready to hear your ideas and help you make them come to life. Our furniture and preserved wall gardens are a unique and enchanting way to breathe new life into your workplace. You can browse our galleries to get inspired and get in touch with us if you have any questions. Feel free to contact us today and we can talk about your project or stop by our showroom in Manhattan and check out the furniture in person! You will love it!

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