The River Table a Resin & Wood Design Statement for Home & Office Interiors

Aug 7, 2019 | Interior Design Trends

The River Table is a new, popular fad in the world of modern interior design. Inspired by enchanting trees, mesmerizing rivers, and spellbinding fields, each River Table tells a unique story of life, wonders of nature, and inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece of furniture for your home or office or you want to ennoble your space with an elegant looking, welcoming table that is handmade, a River Table made of reclaimed wood and resin can be the perfect choice for you. Naturalist brings you some of the most stunning river resin wood tables that will flow beautifully with the rest of your home or office interior. They feature extraordinary, one-of-a-kind designs and promote a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere. Actually, the only thing that can flow more smoothly than Naturalist River Table is the conversation that will take place around it. Keep reading to find the best River Table options for your home or office. Find out what is Resin River Table and why is it such a special and important trend in the world of interior design and furniture industry.

What is a River Table?

A River Table is a special kind of indoor table constructed with wood and resin or glass. A striking stream of resin or glass that flows usually down the middle of the table makes these tables truly special. Craftsmen and artisans that make resin river tables by hand create recesses on wood slabs that hold the resin or glass insert to shape the top of the table. Two slabs of wood that look just like two river banks join together by resin or glass. This look will remind you of a river stream. Naturalist Resin Wood Dining Table made for Annette Jaffe Interiors: a removable centerpiece connects the two tables creating a large dining table Naturalist brings you uncommon river table resin designs — dining tables and conference tables made of resin and walnut wood. To join two slabs of walnut wood, we use epoxy resin. The combination of hardwood and resin creates extraordinary river table tops — hard and durable, shiny and beautiful. Each River Table is an unparalleled piece of furniture — wood table glass river example of exquisite craftsmanship. Only experienced craftsmen and woodworkers can create them. Recently, river wood table designs became popular statement interior decor pieces, highly sought after.

Unique Resin River Table Designs Redefine Interior Design

One-of-a-kind furniture pieces that say a lot about the owner’s style, character and refinement are influencing more and more modern home designs and interior decor. These statement pieces balance and ground home and office interiors while expressing creativity, originality, and ingenuity of the person or people living or working there. Resin River Table is one of the latest trends that fascinates homeowners, designers, and builders around the world. Perfect for various layouts, for classic as well as for contemporary decors, single and multifunctional homes, and offices, River Table can ennoble both formal and casual living and dining rooms. In a smaller home or condo, River Table will have an even greater importance and practically be the most memorable decor element. All it takes for any room to shine in a completely new light is just one piece of truly epic statement furniture. Resin River Table is that piece of furniture that you’re looking for. It will give any room, even an average one, an entirely new, fresh look. Resin river table is not only a statement piece of furniture. It is a daring decor element that starts its life as a vision in a designers’ mind and comes to life in the hands of expert artisans and craftsmen. Making a River Table is not only a craft; it’s an art. We will show you unique Naturalist resin river table options that you’ll want to bring home. Keep reading to find ultimate inspiration for your home or office design.

Make Your Home or Office Unique with a Naturalist Resin River Tables

Our Resin River Table options will demand your full attention, as soon as you see them. The same will happen to anyone who enters your home or office. Whether you’re the one who is creating it or the one who is enjoying it, River Table gives you not only a sight of beauty but a sense of accomplishment, too. These gorgeous, functional pieces of art are not something that you can see every day. Our resin wood tables deliver not only superior look to any living or working space but also an exquisite function and support for everyday activities.

Naturalist Resin River Dining and Conference Tables

Our welcoming resin wood dining tables look great in any dining room. They also work great as office conference tables. Any table meant to gather people should inspire togetherness, harmony, and a feeling of closeness. This is exactly what any Naturalist resin wood river table does. If you use it as a conference table, it will incite feelings of agreement, partnership, and cooperation, and spark productive conversations. Just as dining tables, they will enliven feelings of connection, kinship, and friendship. With enough room for everyone you love, Naturalist Resin River Table will be that important spot in your home that will be remembered and cherished for a long time to come. Naturalist Altin 200 Resin River Dining Table This Altin 200 Resin Dining Table made in Ankara, Turkey, with the most durable walnut wood and white resin, features an elegant design that brings the richness of wood and gold into an interior. High-quality epoxy flows between the two slabs of walnut wood. Robust chrome base with a gold finish and straight cut edges intensifies the depth and warmth of the wood. This table with 79″ length, 39.5″ width, and 30″ height features fiberglass legs with gold finish. Naturalist Altin 200 Resin River Dining Table Details Hudson 200 White Resin Dining Table features a glorious flow of white epoxy. Its perfect whiteness intensifies the caramel rich tones of the two black walnut wood slabs. The base of this river table is rustic brass cast iron with cnc cut geometric patterns. Stylish and modern, this resin wood river table is functional and convenient for families with kids, as well as for singles who enjoy the company of their friends and family. With 79″ length, 39.5″ width, and 30″ height, Naturalist Hudson 200 White Resin River Table will allow you to enjoy it with ease and convenience. Naturalist Hudson 200 White Resin River Table Osso 270 Resin Dining Table features walnut wood and a flow of clear, high-quality resin intertwined between the two slabs of wood and its cracks. Dining table edges are round, while legs are made of copper-colored and sand-casted aluminum. With 105″ length, 42″ width, and 30″ height, this large resin river table will give you everything you ever wanted from a dining or a conference table. Naturalist Osso 270 Resin Dining Table Naturalist Osso 270 Resin Dining Table Detail Hudson 220 Resin Dining Table exposes dark walnut wood slabs that float between clear streams of resin epoxy. Cast iron geometric legs carry this 86.5″ long, 39.5″ wide, and 30″ high table that can serve you as a dining or a conference table. Naturalist Hudson 220 Resin Dining Table Take a closer look. Hudson 220 Resin Dining River Table Details If you want a river table that is one in a million, the next one will be like a match made in heaven. Osso 270 Resin Dining Table comes from Naturalist’s Limited Edition. It features remarkable intricate details, fine cracks and lines in wood slabs that will remind you of a true natural landscape. Copper colored aluminum legs carry this large table that is 104″ long, 41″ wide, and 30″ high. Whether you are having an everyday meal, a celebration, or an important meeting, this resin wood river table will make the event special. Osso 270 Resin Dining Table Limited Edition

Naturalist Resin River Coffee Tables

Coffee river tables will add to the overall feeling of coziness in your living room and embellish your living and entertainment space with class and refinement. Enjoy a unique experience and rest your eyes on unique pieces of wood and find calmness in the organic forms of a river flow while spending your time with your loved ones. Hudson 120 Coffee Table was made in Ankara, Turkey. It features a unique river table design with walnut wood and a flow of clear resin. Naturalist river tables are recognizable by wood and resin that vary but always keep the impact in your space equally powerful throughout. Adding this coffee resin river table means adding a statement of luxury to your living room or office. Your guests will stay breathless and you will keep finding new intricate details to admire each time you sit at this uncommon coffee table. Hudson 120 Resin Coffee River Table Zeytin 80 Coffee Table features a clear resin table design that holds history common to many cultures. Dig deep into these stories through this river table design made of olive wood. Olive wood is prized for its intricate grain texture, deep color, exceptional durability, and hardness. Our resin coffee table brings you the best qualities of olive wood and modern, refined look. Zeytin 80 Coffee Resin Table is 31.5″ diam. wide, 17.75″ high, and stands on cast iron legs. Zeytin 80 Coffee Resin Table Osso 120 Resin Coffee Table is a perfect example of a coffee river table. It reflects our Osso Dining Table and its immaculate contemporary design. Walnut wood allows ornate woodworking detailing while crystal clear resin magnifies sleek organic tones of the walnut wood. The wood ensures enjoying your coffee resin river table for many years to come. Its hardness, sturdiness, and durability are the best guarantee. The table features Naturalist signature aluminum legs that have been resized and shaped to complement this refined contemporary coffee table design. Osso 120 Resin Coffee River Table Add a statement of ultimate luxury and sophistication to your living or office space with our Hudson 60 Resin Coffee Table. It features a combination of walnut wood and clear resin. Cast iron legs with rustic brass finish hold this 23.5″ wide and 21″ high coffee resin table. Naturalist Hudson 60 Resin Coffee Table

The Uniqueness of Resin River Table Design

Various examples of live edge river table and resin river table designs can be found on the market today but each of them is unique. When you decide to start looking for the perfect River Table, know that each is handcrafted and not produced in a mass-manufacturing factory. River resin tables give so much fun and pleasure to those who create them, to both true artisans and DIY enthusiasts. Each river table starts off as a piece of wood taken straight from nature and ends up as nothing less than a piece of functional art. Naturalist’s skilled artisans create these unique pieces of furniture because they love and are passionate about what they do. Who wouldn’t love to see a dying tree that continues to live within an object used in everyday life, an object that helps, serves, and is cared for? Our resin wood river tables not only feature the look and feel of organic wood, but they also convey a soul of the tree that lives on in our tables. The natural world is gorgeous indeed and our unique resin wood river table designs are perfect reflections of this world.

How Resin Helps Create the Perfect River Table Decor

Resin’s adhesive property supports and aids crafting this new style in the furniture industry — river table design. It is irreplaceable in creating river table decor and bringing the grace and delicacy of river flows into your home or place of business. These chic designs are practically unimaginable without resin helping to reveal their organic, natural beauty. In combination with wood, resin river tables are a real eye candy but they are also perfectly functional and easy to use and maintain. Custom Extendable Dining Table Created for a Client in the Hamptons, NY Thanks to its superior qualities and by mixing it with durable and beautiful walnut wood, Naturalist creates perplexed, organic forms of dining and coffee tables that will take your breath away. River table resin designs can be seen in some of the most luxurious interior design magazines and stylish, expensive homes. However, they are also available to everyone who cares about unique, outstanding pieces of furniture that are more of a statement than anything else.

Choosing a Naturalist Resin Wood River Table Designs

Naturalist brings you a carefully curated selection of resin wood tables made from the Mediterranean sustainably harvested trees. We focus on sustainability and ethically sourced materials, making sure that each tree gets another chance to live in your home, bringing you a feeling of happiness and fulfillment, as well as a sight of immaculate beauty. At the same time, our resin river table designs honor crafts and artisans, making sure they are not replaced by mass production. Our resin wood river table will bring you a class and refinement that furniture from mass production could never give you. You will be happy with the prices of our resin wood tables and our inventory of different dimensions. Naturalist is still the only company in the U.S. that creates river table designs with clear resin & epoxy. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or an interior designer looking to find the perfect resin wood river table for your decor or interior design project, Naturalist surely has the right design for you. Take a look at our Resin Wood Products, feel free to imagine the piece you like in your home, and contact us today.

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