Primitive 200

The Primitive integrates the finest wood from responsibly managed forests in Turkey with Naturalist’s perfected resin-pouring technique. This fusion of natural elements with modern materials is at the heart of Naturalist’s work, and the Primitive flawlessly embodies this concept. Its edges are straight cut to show the depth of the wood and its intricate detailing, resulting in a modern feel that seamlessly melds high design with a timeless elegance.

The Primitive illuminates the harmony between the walnut wood and epoxy resin and is hand-finished by one of our skilled makers to ensure each piece is perfectly smooth. We offer a variety of bases, resin-to-wood ratios, and dimensions to ensure a perfect fit into any space. Both classic and chic, the Primitive is a testament to the power of artisanal design and the value of bringing natural elements into your home.

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Dimensions 200 × 100 × 76 in

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