Star Interior Designer, Jenny Dina Kirschner loves Naturalist!

Jan 4, 2020 | Interior Design Trends

We love to get client feedback, but perhaps the best way to know we are doing an excellent job is when our customers return. This month we were honored to deliver a finished product for a repeat client of ours, Jenny Dina Kirschner of JDK Interiors. Kirschner is not new to the design industry. She grew up in a design career-dominated family. Finding her own amazing creative voice, she obtained her BFA, MA, and Associates Degrees in multiple areas including art education, fine art, and design. She then traveled the world studying different design firms, collecting her own set of talents, and defining and distinguishing herself as a much-sought-after residential interior designer.

One of the Best Residential Interior Design Professionals in the Industry

Her eclectic nature of mixing various mediums and aesthetic styles alongside textiles is what her clients love most about her world-renowned skills. That is why Jenny has graced the pages of Architectural Digest, Domino, New York Magazine, and NBC’s Open House New York. She is also a recipient of the IFDA’s Rising Stars 2016 Award.

Previously, Jenny has created four unique and custom tables with the help of our living natural products. The most recent one, however, is something truly outside of the ordinary and one that we are honored to be a part of! Because she is familiar with our brand and what we are capable of creating, she expertly fit our best selling tabletop with the most unusual base. And the combination of the two was truly a designer’s dream. At Naturalist, we love it when we have designers who can look at our products in a different light and use both their functionality and natural beauty to create something really spectacular. We know that we deliver fantastic, beautiful, and amazing products, but we also know that without the help and creativity of designers like Jenny, we wouldn’t shine as brightly as we do. And for that, we are forever grateful.

An Interior Designer Helps Make Our Products Shine

Jenny’s vision was to create a natural flowing floor plan filled with furniture that both fits the theme and is also highly functional and comfortable. She used our epoxy resin dining table as the focal point of the room to continue her natural wood inspired theme. The silver legs that she then added to the tabletop are the perfect statement feature that allows the dark wood seating to live elegantly next to the legs with perfection. The wood slabs that spread to the edge of the resin table were done so deliberately to allow the resin areas in the center to be enlarged and to appear flowing with life. The way that she meticulously planned each part of the table with an eye that few designers possess, truly brought out the best of our product and her vision!

A masterpiece comes to life.

Jenny often works with commercial offices and residential homes. Her latest creation was designed for a private residence in Brooklyn, NY. She was able to make a one of a kind piece that not only completed the overall style she was seeking, but it also became the focal point for it. We thank Jenny for trusting us to have the quality and superior products necessary to make her wonderful masterpieces come to life. If it were not for designers like her, we wouldn’t look as good as we do – thank you for entrusting us once again!

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