Monroe Plus

Take a look at the Monroe Plus, another beautifully designed Naturalist chair, made out of solid walnut wood. This chair has walnut legs and armrests with the natural wood grain visible on them and a cushioned seating with a creamy beige and gold patterned fabric. The Monroe Plus is a true classic and would look magnificent in a dining room setting, as well as in an office or living room. The neutral tones and timeless design allow this chair to be incorporated into many home design ideas. You can effortlessly pair it with some of the Naturalist resin tables, live edge coffee tables, or desks from our collections. The Monroe Plus will add a luxurious feel to any room you choose to place it in. And like all of our furniture here at Naturalist, this chair has been crafted with the best materials and skill available. It will last for generations and endure many coming and going trends. If you are looking for the perfect chair for your interior design, consider the Monroe Plus.

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